FAQ - Vesagex Heelbalm

FAQ - Vesagex Heelbalm

What makes VH/B work so quick?

25% Urea

What amount of Urea does other foot cream contain?

Most have between 10% and 15% with the exception of CCS and Flexitol have 25%

Why use VH/B?

Apart from the high contents of Urea, it also has Peppermint Oil which is soothing, cooling and refreshing and is non greasy unlike the competitors.

Can Diabetic sufferers use it?

Yes we work with the Diabetic Foot Association and they support VH/B

How often should I use VH/B?

Daily until the problem has completely been resolved then once a week

Can I use it on my hands, elbows and knees?


Can I use it on an open wound?

No - consult your Doctor